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About Us

We at the St. John Paul II Early Childhood Education Center are committed to provide a stimulating learning experience for young children in a sound, invigorating environment.
Emphasis in St. John Paul II Preschool is placed on spiritual, educational, and social development.

Spiritual Development: Children are taught Christian Values and are able to explore their relationship with God and share their experiences in an atmosphere of joy, peace and goodness, flowing from love. Our goal is to create an appropriate climate for learning that enhances the development of the young child’s character. Character traits we strive to reinforce are self-control, a generous spirit, respect for one’s own dignity and the dignity of others.

Educational and Social Development: Structured and non-structured activities are part of the preschool curriculum. The program will provide opportunities for learning, playing, story time, snack, and rest. Our preschoolers will participate in both individual and group activities. This will maximize the opportunities of three and four year olds to develop their independence, self-reliance, confidence and permit their self-expression and creativity.

St. John Paul II offers Preschool as well as Extended Care.  Our extended hours are offered full or part-time from 7:30 - 5:30 Monday through Friday, to meet the needs of parents’ work schedules.  Children from ages 3 through 5, or until the start of Kindergarten are welcome.