I have been blessed to find the perfect daycare/preschool for my child. The Sisters at St. John Preschool provide a nurturing environment--full of God’s love and embrace. My son and his classmates are challenged to learn with expert supervision and a soft, gentle voice from each Sister who cares for them deeply. Since my son began at the preschool, I have noticed immediate increases in his vocabulary and eagerness to learn. My son has really enjoyed playing with the other children and participating in all of the daily fun activities. And, the Sisters reinforce positive behavior which has helped his social skills. He is learning about Catholicism and developing a love for Jesus. If you want your child to learn in a loving, safe, and clean environment, look no further than St. John Preschool.

-Matt Nelson

Both my wife and I have had our lives profoundly affected by religious brothers and sisters, so when we first heard that the Little Sisters were coming to Columbus, we were immediately drawn to the idea of sending as our children to their school. However, not knowing anything about them, we reached out to a brother in New Jersey, and he sent us a glowing recommendation praising their orthodoxy and joy. Our personal experience has confirmed this. The sisters live an authentic witness of the Catholic faith and show genuine love for the children. Our little girl comes back singing beautiful songs and telling us about all the things she's done and learned with the sisters, and she's so excited to go back again! We have also been impressed with the sisters' active presence throughout the diocese, particularly their concern for young women and proposing to them the religious life as a vocation. The sisters are a real gift from God and a blessing in our lives. We would encourage anyone who takes their faith seriously to entrust their children to the sisters. You won't regret it!

-Anthony Bennett

St John Paul II Early Childhood Education Center is one of the greatest gifts we gave our 4-year-old son. He is thriving in such a rich environment created by the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. The Sisters are uniquely passionate about every child's individual academic, emotional and spiritual development. They meet each child at the student's level to provide daily encouragement and compassion and truly invest in the entire person, and not just a set of academic standards. Before starting the school our son rarely picked up a pencil or crayon and now he never stops coloring and practicing his letters! In addition, he is growing in character and virtue every day! StJPII is a blessing to our family and our entire community!

-Jessica Schmitt

My daughter has been enrolled in the 2019-2020 school year and so far I am nothing but pleased with the quality and care that she has received at St. John Paul II Early Childhood Center. It is noticeable that she is learning something new every day. Sr. Bozena and all the other Sisters have been amazing in helping my daughter feel comfortable and welcome to ensure that she is learning to the fullest. As a single mother, I have a very busy schedule. But the Centers’ flexible schedule has allowed me to take her in around my schedule to ensure that she still continues to attend the Center. I would recommend this Center to any parent that is looking to have their child learn and grow in the Catholic faith.

-Araceli Sandoval

St. John Paul II Preschool has been such a wonderful part of our son’s life since he started going there last year. At his old preschool, he would cry at drop-off most days. Now, he wakes up asking to go to school even on Saturdays and Sundays! The sisters are unusually kind and caring and do thoughtful activities that are perfectly suited to the children's’ stages of development. I sometimes work long hours and it is a comfort to me to know that my son is in such skilled and loving hands. We are so lucky to have this school in our community!

-Melissa Davis

I feel so fortunate to have found St. John Paul II Early Childhood Education Center for my daughter. I love that the students can participate in structured and non-structured activities that focus on creativity and self-expression. The teachers are truly wonderful and take great care to create a warm, loving environment for all children. Best of all, my daughter adores her teachers and looks forward to each day she spends at school! We are learning so many new songs and have dedicated a whole wall at home to our daughter's artwork.

- Erin Kanuckel

This is a wonderful brand new preschool in Columbus, OH. The facility is beautiful and VERY clean. My daughter loves interacting with the sisters, staff, and other students. She is learning so much every day! Check it out. I am highly impressed!!

-Emily Jaminet

God is very present at St. John Paul II preschool in Columbus! The Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception are filling the kids with the love of Christ while implementing a solid preschool curriculum. From the moment you walk in, you know this school is unlike any other. An additional blessing is that it is convenient for parents that work downtown! Columbus is very fortunate to have these beautiful Sisters serving our children.

-Jody White

Bishop Brennan celebrated Mass for the children, parents and staff on the school's namesake Feast Day of St. John Paul II. It was a blessing for the children to sing like angels at Mass. When you attend here, there is no doubt that your formation teaches you that your God loves you and that you praise Him by your very existence. Feed my lambs...

-Scott Christie McVicker